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Concrete & Stone Cotswold Roof Tiles

A beautiful, quality assured roofing material for the 21st century, and a fantastic alternative to original Cotswold roof tiles. Here at Winchcombe Tile, we are a leading replica Cotswold roof tiles, concrete and stone roof tiles supplier and manufacturer based in Gloucestershire.

Our replica concrete and stone Cotswold roof tiles are:

Whether you are the owner of a historic building, or an architect looking for a visually appealing material to set your development apart. Winchcombe Tile without doubt offers the most elegant and cost effective alternatives to natural stone roof tiles on the market.

We’re not limited in the types of stone we can reproduce; we are able to duplicate colour, tone and texture of most regional stones – not just in the UK, but across Europe also. Please contact us to discuss any special requirements you may have.

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